Diagnostic medicine center specialized in occupational health, laboratory services, clinical studies and imaging.

The Challenge

Siplas wanted to diversify its portfolio and growth their number of location, but the real need was to improve margins and profit. Because of the competitive environment, the lab services became commoditized without any differentiation.

The Outcome

Diversification of corporate clients. Sales growth by 19%, reduced costs and operational inefficiencies.

The company had to redefine its strategy and align its team toward a common goal, starting from the board to the employees. In the process the main tool was financial analysis and implementing a culture of data driven decision-making in all the departments.

“Success is the concept of having the Associate imbedded, it completely changes the dynamic of the consultancy”

“We were experiencing a dynamic focused on the day to day. With Bizcorps’ help we have given a new strategic direction to the company”

Juan Diego Gutiérrez
General Manager

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