ITT Ingeniería


Electrical Engineering Company specialized in building data centers, telecom and surveillance infrastructure.

The Challenge

ITT lacked of a strategy, processes and organizational culture. The company did not had a budgeting process nor KPIs to measure performance.

The Outcome

Creation of a corporate strategy and managerial capital. Increased workforce by 33% (YoY) and is projected to increase sales by 29% (YoY).

The company was subject to an intensive financial restructuring and operational efficiency strategy. Also, the company is in the process of acquiring a complimentary software company and branching out into managed services such as data center infrastructure management (DCIM) and maintenance/service operations.

“At first I thought Bizcorps would come in and tell me what was best to do. It was only later that I happily discovered it would be the other way around –I decided where I wanted to take the company and the Associate guided me through the process with best practices”

Hugo Ortiz
General Manager

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