BizCorps Associates work with growing businesses in Colombia

BizCorps' second cohort in Washington, DC, before departing to Kenya & Colombia

Robert Mosbacher, Jr., Former President and CEO of OPIC. Founder of BizCorps.

BizCorps connects MBA graduates with growing businesses in emerging markets.

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BizCorps' mission is to provide high-potential, growth-oriented businesses in emerging markets with access to the human capital they need to unlock their full potential, expand more rapidly, and drive job creation and economic growth. Learn More

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With a 4.3% GDP growth rate in 2013, Colombia is the fastest growing major economy in Latin America, a region whose overall growth rate hovered around 2% for the same period. Inside the third-largest Spanish-speaking country, local and federal Colombian policies are taking advantage of this growth with programs to minimize poverty while boosting the formal economy.

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